Pain Free

One Sunday, I threw my hip out of place because I was doing a certain exercise.  The pain was very severe to the point that I needed my husband to help me stand after sitting for any length of time.   Lying down was painful as well and it became increasingly difficult for me to get out of bed.  Nothing I did seem to give me any relief.  I struggled for days with the pain.  I asked Dr. Emma Jean to pray with me and she did.  I was healed!   I believe and trust in the way that God is using Dr. Emma Jean Thompson! The pain is gone and it has never returned! Glory to God!

—Mrs. T. Davis

Speedy Recovery


Apostle Dr. Emma Jean Thompson has been a true blessing and inspiration to my life.  There have been so many different prayers, words of encouragement, and prophetic words from the Lord through Apostle Dr. Emma Jean.  One particular instance that demonstrates how Apostle Emma Jean has blessed my life was when my four-year old daughter got second degree burns on her upper chest and face.  During our Wednesday night service when Apostle Emma Jean got word of the incident, she immediately stopped service and led everyone to fervently pray for my daughter.  As a result, my daughter had one of the speediest recoveries that the medical team had seen with that type of injury.  I am so grateful to God for such a Christ centered genuine loving leader.


–Sister Ieshia Hobbs

Teenage Years

Apostle Dr. Emma Jean Thompson is a remarkable woman.  I am truly honored to have her as my pastor, leader, and mother-in-the-faith.  Apostle Emma Jean has blessed me in so many ways throughout my life.  I was privileged to be one that “grew up” in this ministry; therefore, choosing one specific testimony on how she has impacted and blessed my life is almost impossible.  However, I truly believe that one of the greatest ways my mother-in-the-faith changed my life for the best was through a particular word that she gave which guided me throughout my teenage years.

There was a message ministered by Apostle Emma Jean that spoke volumes to me as a youth.  The word was about being bold for Christ and standing in the gap for my generation.  This message kept me from making a lot of bad decisions that most young girls make.  I was not ashamed to tell people the Lord anymore or to invite my friends to church.  Also, as a result of Momma Emma Jean pouring that word into me, I was then able to help minister to my peers.  There were several young people that dedicated their lives to the Lord and some would come to me for advice and prayer.  Apostle Emma Jean Thompson caused me to become a better Christian, to live a life that was pleasing to the Lord by following her example as she follows Christ, and to be an example to others that they may do the same.

–Sister Felisha Harris

Prayer of Salvation

Apostle Emma Jean Thompson led my beloved natural mother to receive Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and savior.  Apostle Emma Jean upon meeting my mother spoke words of encouragement and strength to Majack that have kept her throughout many years.

–Sister Phyllis

Healing Power

The Bible says that…no greater love does man have than this that a man would lay his life down for a friend…(Cor. )  This verse of scripture reminds me of the type of love that Apostle Emma Jean Thompson expresses in all of her relationships.  It is through the love of Jesus Christ that Apostle Emma Jean has prayed for me and my family; prayers of protection, prosperity, peace, and health.

Apostle Emma Jean has been used of the Lord to pray specifically for my physical healing in many areas.  I used to suffer from chronic anemia, but not anymore; challenges with my thyroid, but not anymore.  Just to name a few things that I am so grateful to have received prayers of healings for.  By God’s grace I have continued to walk in my healing even today.

–Minister T. Pleasant

Spiritual Wisdom

One night I went into check on my natural Mommy.  She lay in the bed 84 years of age recovering from a stroke.  I noticed that her breathing was labored and it appeared that she was on the verge of dying.  I called the doctor on one phone and my mother-in-the-faith, our beloved Apostle Emma Jean on the other phone.  The doctor was giving me practical advice while Apostle Emma Jean gave spiritual advice.  Apostle Emma Jean prayed and as she did my mother looked as though she was on her last breath.  Her body then took a deep breath and her breathing stabilized.  I believe with all of my heart that those prayers from my mother-in-the-faith, Apostle Emma Jean saved my mother’s life.  My mother is still alive and doing better everyday at age 85.

–Sister Winona Abayomi-Cole Barnes


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